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I’m starting this blog to help people through compliance problems of all types.  I’ve spent the last several years working with many different types of organizations to achieve compliance.  Those organizations include some of the largest in the world, fast growing Internet companies and small retailers.  While this work has been hugely successful and rewarding, I’ve also seen what I call the dark side of compliance.  The dark side includes huge amounts of wasted time, money and energy because people didn’t understand the fundamentals about how to achieve compliance fast. In the future I’ll discuss many topics and reveal my personal compliance secrets.  Those secrets are some of the things that have helped me become successful and guide organizations to their compliance goals.  Those secrets include money saving tips on PCI compliance, Sarbanes Oxley compliance, Gramm-Leach-Bliley compliance and many others.Stay tuned for compliance tips.

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  1. jtstpierre says:

    I had a question about PCI Compliance. Are you familiar with PCI Compliance? I am working through a process of ensuring a large fortune 50 organization is compliance with PCI. My question is around Physical Security requirements for retail stores. If cameras and locked doors are in place for protecting the card holder systems, do we need to also have card readers? Or will a log of whom enters the office that is not an employee suffice. Along these same lines, isn’t most of your risk with internal staff, and wouldnt this make sense if you put a log sheet in place, you have everyone sign in and out?

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